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There are several ways in which 5-Minute Nuclear hosts our supporters, each geared towards those with differing interests and gifts.  We strive every day to bring about a change in the nuclear conversation to show the world how wonderful, life-saving, advancements can be had by the modern nuclear industry. You will certainly see, if you have not already, that we at 5MN do not advocate for a single technology or company. Rather, we advocate for the understanding of the nuclear world from which may stem a greater understanding of the universe and the ambition to continue reaching for the stars. Through the donations you make, items you purchase, or through the advertising space you buy, you are forever a supporter and family to 5MN. It is by you, and for you, that this mission is made possible and undertaken.


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If you are interested in giving to 5MN, there are several avenues which are available. A direct monetary gift, singular or recurring, can be made below. Additionally, we have an online web-based store which allows you to purchase branded merchandise. As a recognized 501(c)(3), we acknowledge that the purchase of an item in itself isn’t tax deductible; therefore, all of the items we sell are labeled with the deductible percentage. Put another way, this deductible percentage we show you on each item is the amount of markup, which is absolutely deductible on your U.S. tax return.



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 You can support us and our mission without spending a dime (well, a dime more than you were already going to…)  and it only takes about 60 seconds to setup. Best of all, we have made it super easy and painless.




                This web portal is the backbone of the 5MN endeavor. The spine by which our organization stands. This portal is intended to be a resource for people in all walks of life; for students, educators, and professionals of all kinds, to be better informed and therefore, better exercise their right and ability to choose. Just as candidly, this is the place of solidarity to the skeptics and a resource by which our legislators and their staff can gain rapid insight to the nuclear world, while making policy for a better and safer tomorrow. There is not a single person who will remain unaffected by the modern nuclear industry, and over the coming decades, this is the resource by which those who are not nuclear physicists, engineers, or chemists, will be coming to investigate.

                As said previously, this is the knowledge foundation of 5-Minute Nuclear. To spread the knowledge, we advertise across a vast array of platforms and are always driving traffic to our site. We are humbled to serve, and proud to do so with a first rate marketing strategy that you can benefit from.

There are two ways in which you can advertise with us to promote your brand:

  • The direct purchase of advertising space which we sell here at 5MN. We are currently selling advertising space on a per month basis in both banner form as well as prime placement of video advertisements. We can facilitate all graphic design and the video production in house, if desired and\or required.
  • Second, is through the contribution to a two party (maximum) marketing pool. We are constantly working with a multitude of outlets and purchasing airtime to accomplish the 5MN mission. If you or your company is interested in sponsoring, either in full or in part, a media campaign we acknowledge you at the end of each broadcast as those who have made the message possible. This may include the association of your brand to one or several articles pushed out over social media and other platforms. We will do everything we can to make your brand seen.

If either of these advertising opportunities seems to be of interest to you, please email us at and let us know what space you are interested in, what questions you have, and/or any other concerns we can address for you.  


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