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The goal here at 5-Minute-Nuclear.com—affectionately dubbed “5MN”—is to offer short articles that clearly present the seemingly opaque aspects of nuclear that are commonly and mistakenly presumed difficult. 5MN is confident that clarity in the elements of nuclear technologies and their policies is attainable, inviting, and enjoyable.

Nuclear is non-emitting and a clean solution to climate change. Current policies and regulations impede development and deployment of this proven climate solution. Broad awareness of clean nuclear is vital to influence wiser nuclear laws.

Nuclear is a million times more powerful than coal and natural gas. And safer! Yet people fear nuclear. 5MN’s philosophy is to allay fears and resistance to the truly beneficial nuclear technologies in energy and medicine through clear writing.

Fear not! The fathers of the nuclear industries, Dr. Alvin Weinberg and his mentor, Dr. Eugene Wigner, worked around radioactive reactors, as have many people since, and they have lived and continue to live naturally long and full lives. Nuclear is by design and has proved itself safe. Infamous exceptions surprisingly do not hurt the nuclear safety record compared to coal, oil, and gas.

Today’s nuclear is not the same as in the days of the first commercial nuclear power station at Shippingport, PA, some 60 years ago. 5MN intends to dispel assumptions that nuclear technologies have not advanced in capabilities and safety since enactment of our first nuclear laws and regulations.

Sure, many nuclear reactors designed long ago are still operating. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been game-changing and revolutionary improvements since President Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace.” Such common errors sustained by many who have yet to understand the facts have motivated 5MN to expose bad information. 5MN intends to set to rest irrational fears about nuclear. What a fantastic revelation to step back and see how modern advances and new technologies are continually bringing great achievements to the world at increasing pace. 5MN offers accessible articles on nuclear advances.

Regulatory oversight remains unable to adapt to emerging nuclear technologies, and this has become a serious issue within the nuclear industry today. Momentum is gaining as people begin to see what the nuclear realm has to offer. The common world persists in a mistaken idea that nuclear is hazardous to the global community. People are afraid of nuclear technology. Yet those who advocate for its demise often cannot define the dangers or offer workable solutions. They lack the basic knowledge. 5MN shows the better side of the coin opposite irrational fear and ignorance; the natural facts absorbed in clear five-minute articles. Nuclear is safe and in fact vitally necessary. Time! How’d we do?

About Us:


5MN comprises a team of altruistically motivated persons who want to spread their knowledge and uncommon abilities to help improve public opinion in support of peaceful nuclear policies for energy and medicine. The team of contributors stem from a wide array of backgrounds and studies, from chemists and physicists to “mathematicon nuclearians,” and many from engineering disciplines such as biomedical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and—of course!—nuclear engineers. To meet the team, navigate to the about us in the menu, or simply click here.



5MN is a recognized 501(c)3! This assures our recognition as a non-profit company, allowing us to focus on what really matters…providing you with the best information available with the satisfaction of educating the public as the top priority!

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