5MN: Scope / Intent





The world is facing several large predicaments (dirtier water/air, only 84 years of natural gas, limited life-saving medical isotopes, etc.) that will soon be looming over us if we don’t do something to change it. However, if we can turn our attention to the new innovations which are ready and waiting to guarantee another industrial revolution; we can save countless lives while ushering mankind into a new era of prosperity and peace. The nuclear industry has announced the ability to address all of the major concerns that we are currently facing and will be facing in our lifetime; but this message has fallen into darkness due to the revolving door of impractical regulatory issues, backdoor politics, coupled with poorly informed and scripted public opinion. 5mn is intended to address these three problems systematically; thereby providing a clear avenue to usher in this new era of clean and abundant nuclear energy and a future previously only attainable through the works of science fiction novelists.



5mn will address education, politics, and public opinion by supplying the following:

  • Nuclear physics / processes explained so that our children, ourselves, and everyone interested will readily understand the concepts.
    • Through outreach advertising campaigns and well-authored, web-based content
    • Enhance K-12 Science programs through outreach, information, and engagement. Many k-12 teachers have no knowledge of current modern physics theories and processes. The human Race will NEVER advance if our children have a faulty view of the world. In example: MANY still teach that electron orbits an atom (Bohr model). This has been known to be wrong since Schrödinger in 1926!
    • Nuclear Applications / Games to incite learning on major end-user platforms (apple / android)


  • Information on regulatory issues relating particularly to gen3+ and Gen 4 nuclear reactors. Aim is to emphasize unrequited efforts of the private industry by the regulatory and political establishment.
    • This shall be done by:
      • Endorsing political candidates who actively push for the “Modern Nuclear Revolution”
      • Through the willingness to educate and listen to critics IOT foster an understanding; then alleviate their concerns and find ways to reach a common ground.  The renunciation of those who do not work or embrace the revolutionary Gen3+ and/or Gen4 reactor technology
      • By providing updates to the public on nuclear regulatory changes or lack thereof. This is inclusive of that which occurs worldwide, within the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well as the US legislative branch.
    • Public opinion goals:
      • Engage and teach UNINTERESTED / UNEDUCATED parties by feeding “bite” sized information and news via any/all media platforms. Content to this end will mix both introductory physics, policy, statistics, and common sense to build a well rounded argument. The Goal of each piece of content under this heading shall be 3 fold: inform the public about what the “modern nuclear revolution” can provide to the people personally, Calm/dispel fears of nuclear proliferation through the explanation and analogy of systems processes, and emphasize the need to realize the nuclear realm is not beyond common understanding. Repetition is key



Several websites/ companies exist clearly geared towards informing the public on topics of policy while others focus on education. They all fail in their mission due to several major oversights.

First: public outreach is poor. This goes for each and every informational site I have found whether or not it is geared toward children or adults. I, as one within the community, only found these informational sites after weeks of searching or by pure happenstance. Several of which I cannot even find again to cite, source, or reach out to.  If you own such a site / organization, we here at 5MN are officially reaching out and wish to bring you in. We are constantly building this platform to make it bigger and better. You and your knowledge are indispensable.

Second: The regulatory /policy update sources are not geared towards public consumption. Currently; those of us who understand the nuclear regulatory process are in such a minority I have to ask: “why bother writing the content?”.  But, if general populous can understand how it impacts them, which it absolutely does, momentum can be had to facilitate change.



Each source of information is too compartmentalized. This along with the lack of public outreach, will never change anything. It is in itself prohibitive to have several sources proving partial,  semi-structured information, due to the simple advertising costs and related work.  5MN has been designed from the ground up to be inclusive, with a world class outreach campaign second to none.


Finally, know this:

We have created 5MN with the intent of changing the public opinion of nuclear energy for good while bringing light to unnecessary and/or prohibitive nuclear policy. I believe all people who contribute to this end deserve to be monetarily compensated for their efforts. As members of many major industries throughout, we shall reap the rewards of a pro-nuclear society as energy is itself more cost effective.

Make no mistake; that the greatest benefit any of us shall receive from this endeavor here at 5MN is the freedom to maneuver within our respective industry thanks to a pro-nuclear society.



Alex Kernan, Founder/CEO of 5MN

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