“Nobody can fully eliminate coal, it’s too hard!” It’s already happened…

That’s right! Ontario cut what was 25% of their grid supply to over 13 million people over 12 years. You can actually find a live stream of their power usage by source at http://live.gridwatch.ca/home-page.html. It includes their carbon emissions and everything, it’s really pretty neat.

What you’ll see is that 2/3 of their grid capabilities is nuclear energy (1136 MW); they had to increase what was about 50% nuclear to make up for the coal reduction. Sure renewables were used as well, where it made sense; nobody is saying renewables can’t contribute. The other 1/3 is nearly all from carbon free sources with hydro taking the vast majority of that, with only 625MW being a mix of gas and biofuel.

They’ve done what people say can’t be done, but where are the people talking about it? While writing “Climate Gamble” our friends couldn’t find any environmental group that used Ontario as an example. We did our own looking as well with no success either. They have the cleanest grid in the world!

Yes, it’s because of nuclear energy, but that’s because they know it is safe and want to keep their beautiful land beautiful.



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