Meet: Alec Herbert

Alec Herbert

I am a six-year Army Ranger turned Nuclear Engineer working to bring understanding to what nuclear energy really is. And more importantly, what it can do beyond simple electricity.

I’ve always enjoyed energy and the innovative ways that it has been created. Solar, wind, and hydro enchanted me. They are amazing. I’ll install all that make sense for wherever I settle down because why not have mother nature help me while the sun shines, wind blows, and water flows. Then, when those don’t make enough for me, the grid takes over with constant nuclear energy.

I’m not interested in one energy type being on top. Unless it is clean energy. I’m tired of hearing the renewable vs nuclear vs fossil debate. Or people saying that climate change isn’t real. Why can’t we agree to do the right thing and clean up our environment? Then it doesn’t matter where our energy comes from, as long as it isn’t fossil. Or if climate change is real or not, we are making our world a cleaner place.

I’m in this for the long haul, doing the hard right over the easy wrong (or less right). I hope you will join me in this effort. If you wish to converse or have a debate about anything you read here, you can contact me via my email below.

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